Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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sorry passerby, i still thinking should i invite you all, because my sissy told me not to. :x
for some safety reason, sorrrrryyyyyyyyyy! :x

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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my f.picasa album full, can't upload pictures uh, so changed link! :D
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Won't be deleating this blog, leave it as a memories! ^^

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Shall update eveything in detail if i get x.ahkim camera cable & upload pictures & wait for baby girl come back so i'll upload those photo taken during xmas eve & xmas kay! :D

Wake up today, mummy bug cigg for me, smoke & bathe went to huimei work place look for her, pei her. Her boss came, i swear her boss so kind okay & so funny! Keep make me & Huimei laugh,! Haha.
Sissy came next, wana meet brent but idk what happen to him & sissy, quarrel? So i can't meet baby kiyo~ :(
Wait fo huimei off work, meet up w YuBingFu! Haha, he this idiot, treat us makan mac!
Make us keep laughing, receive a calls & make me damn shag & #$%^&*&^%$!
No mood, so decided to go kbox, but no $ :( slack at peoples park, since so few people there on my song blast out loud stand on top of th thingy sing & dance! So high can!
Tell myself, no point crying & don't cry! Haha, Huimei keep disturb me say " ki hongan " Lol -,-!
BingFu promise me tomorrow bring everyone of us go clark quey drink & sing! Promise hor you idiot!
Cab back home, meet up w esmound, & x.yong. Keep distub x.yong, & he walk off, Lol.
Huimei chatting w esmound till i can fall asleep, decided to go home & when me & sissy want walk back, huimei paiseh alone at there & walk home w us. Oh my, esmound so f.f.f.handsome lea, last time look like ghost. He change so much, guai guai lah, left 5 more month come out le, don't keep run out nah, you idiot.!
Reach home, was chatting w that stupid girl Natalie! She shall replace my baby girl for th day! Haha!
Kit ah kit, faster come back nah! I got so much story wana tell you! :( Can't contact dao you too! When are you meeting me & buy our school bag! Better buy bubble gum come back for me, if not don;t luv you le! Hqhaha!
ciao, gona sleep soon, tomorrow meeting Huimei pei her & night gona go drink! ^^

sorry, not i wana keep message you fan you. I never fan you, is you think too much le.
because you tell me you not in a good mood, i just wana make you smile.
idk i make you till so dulan & you called me & scold me till like this, anw don't worry, i won't fan you anymore.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Last night was playing true & dare w cousin(s) & i find this time so boliao k, i v.lucky~ Never kana anything.
Huimei get super f.up by those guys alright, never think brfore they talk. Arse them, so what if you think you are attach? Big fuck, You will regret saying those words kay! Idiot.
Was chatting w Fushen, i become so moody. Geeeer (..) Sleep beside fushen yesterday, Haha.
Because meimei inside his room, everyone was like so lazy walk to th girls room so sleep there.
Send him goodnight message & he promise reach home sure text me goodnight msg end up never. :( & he not free meet me today again.
Called mummy tell her pass ahyi money buy cig for me, Haha! I eventually forgot today is saturday! What am i thinking sia, i thought today firday or monday -,-! Lolololololololol!
Was listening to song now, where should i go next? So boring,!
Speechless. am i a fool. -,-
I Miss Th Old You.!
My xmas' suck okay, totally suck :( oh my ( .. ) Never smile today, because without you beside me to pampered me anymore. I won't get those feeling anymore.
Geeeeerrrrrrr ... Tmd, so sian at home, rotting at home! Blasting song at home! Shouting at home!
Waiting for him to call me, but it seems false hope.
No cigg, shag* Don't want waste money buy. Spend too much le.
tmd tmd tmd tmd tmd tmd tmd tmd tmd tmd tmd tmd!
Ki Hongannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Where baby girl, what baby girl doing? I miss her, why she must go msia sia! :( Nobody to hear me cry sia, nobody i can talk to sia.
Nobody i can laugh with sia, nobody at msn chat w me keep kaobei me " what u doing "
Nobody say she luv me sia! Come back quick! I gona die soon la, nobody i can meet lea!
He not free meet me, now you go msia dunwn me also uh! gggggerrrrrrrrrr!
You luv me or you hate me?
Confuse* or .. ;(

Friday, December 25, 2009

Baby Girl went to msia! so who will i be celebrating my xmas with!
suck men! Shall upload pictures when baby girl reach sing, my camera w her. Tee Hee.
& - i know you don't luv me.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oh my .. Just wake up not long ago, not in a v.good mood, because of something!
I've been controlling my temper le! Ahrgggggggggggggg! Cannot scold people cannot do anything so i blast th music out loud & shout!
I got no fucking place to go! Fuck, i dunwn stay at coffee shop, so meeting my dearest girl to town area walk walk & night drink & play at 244!
Shag, you really love me?

Shag Shag Shag :(
wake up & i saw Ahyong & Meimei hugging together & sleep. Lolololol!
Slack & waited for ahyi come back, bathe & make up. Headed to toa payoh pei ahyi do her stuff & cab to NUH.
Smoke & waited for Baby friend went off then i go inside his ward look for him.
something happen, shall not mention much. I keep tell myself to " SMILE "! haha :D
Slack at hospital & accompany Baby. His Mum & dad came today, jokes around & they went off, played comp & listen to song.
Nah, i'm a clever girl okay! I listen to R&B song, so i won't feel shag shag shag! Haha.
Actually waiting for sis to come drive me, but need to wait v.long, Baby keep ask me what time i'm going he seems to be v.tire so no choice go down smoked w Baby & cab home.
was chatting on th phone w Kit, she sound so shag uh. & knwo what, when i wana alight from th cab th cab uncle tell me " NO NETS " so fuck up! & he even cheat my money lah! ended up i walk home!
Lucky baby girl pei me chat on th phone uh! swmarks! Haha,\
Reach home play comp,  Hahha,

Baby, i'm sorry okay? I know i did wrong okay? Everything you say today you are right okay?
Don't angry all this, next time i won't post everything to my blog okay?
as long as you promise me to change your attitude toward me treat me like how you treat me in th past jiu okay le.
mauck, i love you baby.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wake up at 11plus today, because of my loud loud voice cousin(s) wake up too, follow by meimei! Haha.
Everyone have a part to do house chores, meimei fold blanket, i sweep th floor, Fuxuan wash toilet, Fushen mop th floor! Hah!
Joke around w cousin & meimei, i keep laughing non-stop & keep sing sing sing. Haha/
Fushen friend came next, so go bathe & make up. & bused to NUH.
Bear reach there le, they play my comp & im so bored okay. Go 7-11 buy thing eat.
Back to ward i get scolded for nothing, almost cried :( & go watch tv & something happen & cried.
Amos came next & something happen again. Shall not mention.
Trained to boonlay & meet up w sissy & Bro! Haha, & slack downstair w ah yong, huimei, meimei & sissy.
Chat so much w meimei, sissy & huimei. I feel much more better.

you know how much i cried today? you are no longer th Bibi i used to know.
You know how i feel when you chat on th fone w girl infront of me?
You know how i feel when you messaging w those girl infront of me?
You know how i feel when you scolded me infront of bear & co.
You know how i feel when you can talk to others girl so nicely & not me.
You know how i feel when you scold me those vugar & make me so sad.
You know how i feel when you keep ignore me.
You know how i feel when i text you nicely & you scold me.
You know i did give in alot?
You know i really really love you & when you scold me i just keep quiet.
You know .. ?
I just wana you change back to th Bibi i used to know, understand?
I just wana you to care bout me, love me, pampered me like how you did in th past
I just wana your heart 100% belongs to me.
I just wana you to tiongxim me.
Is this difficult? :(
I know your hearts was not w me, & you like another girl. But what i did not enough to prove to you i did change & love you so much? :(
I very scare sooner or later i can't make it anymore & give up. I very scare. :(
Not i say you can't do those thing, don't do till so obvious can? Don't do infront of me can? :(
Spend more time w me can? I keep go to hospital because i wana spend time w you, afte you discharge you will be going army again.
& only saturday & sunday you can meet me, or maybe no le, because maybe you will be meeting other girl.
That why, you understand how i feel? Can you sense dao how much i love you?
Quan, i love you, i really do. :(

sleep at 7am today, ahyi wake up at 5am do housework & soemthing happen mak me damn bloody shag, so i talk to ahyi. She also tell me some of her stupid guys friend funny stories & make me laugh! Haha.
ahyi make kuku salad, & i go sleep le. Wake at 1.30pm' was like fuck! So late le, Quan waiting for my food at hospital, faster go change & make up wait for bear come & bused to hospital find BabyQuan.
Slack there, & go smoke w bear & BabyQuan. After that go watch tv, bear go off next.
Left w me & BabyQuan. Watch tv & i keep laughing.
Back to his ward & watch video together, & slack there. Sissy came & look for me & bring me go eat nasi lamak! ^^ Get my money & back to hospital.
bear reach too, smoke & so many things happen. ahrgg, make me run here & there scare like hell.
Bi keep call me go home uh, so bad of him. Lololol -,-!
back to his ward take my bag, cover blanket for him, make sure he go to bed & i cab home.
Doubt baby must be sleeping now, hahah. PIG!
Baby, iloveyou. Don't cheat my feeling anymore hor, both of us must change okay? swmarks.
Gona turn in soon, because i gona go hospital v.early to pei baby.! :)

Hey you,! What right you can scold me till like that?
How i know she will see my blog right! & fuck, you scold me for what sia!
Don't meet don't contact jiu don't contact, without you i won't die lah hor!
Who do you think you are? Scold me till like that want xia suay me? Fuck off.
You v.lucky you din slap me just now, you almost slap okay! If you slap see what i will do.
I don't care once we v.close or what okay!
You are th one who say don't contact, jiu that it. Don't say so much now.
& this is my blog! I like to post what i like, it my problem, you can choose not to see also right!
I also not guyi want hai you de la! You also din tell me don't post!
Aiya, say so much also no use lah. Fuck, I will remember how you scold me today & make me xia suay. Cheebyee,

Monday, December 21, 2009

' 得到你的人却得不到你的心 ' .
Everything start from blogging! ahrggg, :x Not in a good mood now, because something happen.
So many things happen nah, Lolololol! At home now, blast th music out loud! & keep shouting!
Not my fault nah, why did you blame me sia. :x
Baby Quan say meet bear together then go find him, bear faster lea, i wana see him lah!
Oh my, suddenly want to go shopping, but i'm broke :x Thanks meimei for th glossy jacket,
Luv you to th max okay! Haha, I'm so hungry now & can't wait to see TangTang now!
Haven't even brought my school bags, & oh ya, congrat kit cat cat get $200! For good progress award. Haha.
Why fairway can't work le sia, i need money nah. Wondering school allowance how, NewYear shirt how, next year N lvl money how.
everything money money money, oh my -,-!

AngBearBear faster come! I wana see him lahhhhhhhh!
&- DamienLee, i swear you change f.much! :x

will post in detail what i did th whole day when i reach home today k!
wake up by meimei & kit cat cat lah! so pekcek & scolded meimei! hhaha, bath & make up meet up w kit at cck & headed to juongpoint! ^^
Pei cat go courts pay her bill, we want save money so we keep find a place can seat down & sell cheap food.
cat! ^^
tiger or pig? hahah,
see what see, makan ur chicken rice lah!

although it cheap but yummy too!
Haha, walk & think fo so long we end up decided to eat $1.50 chicken rice! ^^ so squeezy there okay! such a small shops -,-
christmas so i colour red! hahah,
After eating keep walk up & down to search for cheap de medi,! aha, Gil coloured purple, i red, meimei blue! ^^ Bear came & look for us next uh.
Smoke & cab to taman, bear wana takw money from his mum & th taxi uncle stop awhile & jio us go smoke! Lol, cab to hospital & visit hankuan next.
baby girl & me

went to hankuan's ward & girl make me so paiseh because she scare she kana **********, & it was like OH MY TIAN! Haha

Pei hankuan awhile & out of sudden th both of us so hungry uh! some more we over spend our money. So we buy toast bead & eat! Poor thing right! Hehe.
bused to party world at taman jurong w meimei,bear & kit next. inside th bus she was not in a v.good mood uh, silly girl
th blue drink suck, green suck only red taste better! haha

Party world next! Haha, having so much there okay! sing & dance, make me so so so high!
walk to bear house next, he send dearest kit home, as she no cab fair, & bear run cab come back, he not scare. Like im th one scare like hell, ! Hahha.
Wait at him at his house, when he come back intent to go home de, but out of sudden i wana go hospital find hankuan, so keep drag bear go. He buay tahan & bring me go!
Cab to taman next, ton there never sleep dao. was chatting w natalie ^^ & see quan hand in pain sleeping like ( dot ) Haha.